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Streaming and recording your live performance for VR and AR experiences

MR experiences of live performances

We recognise the need for performance and music festivals, venues and artists to:


1.     Expand their audience


2.     Provide legacy experiences and remote live experiences of performance events that can convey the feeling of liveness beyond flat screen-based documentation.


3.     Explore how new VR and MR technologies can enhance the idea of performance, composition and audience experience through designed content and interactivity.

We present two options, of an interactive and a non-interactive experience of the live performance event to remote audience wearing a VR or AR headset.

These would be available as a downloadable VR app or as a live stream.

  • VR experience of a chosen performance where the user can move through the performance space. Voyeuristic only, non-interactive.


  • VR app of a performance that is designed to be an interactive experience for the VR user – This requires working with the artist on a bespoke design that extends the live experience and potentially includes additional features to the live experience.


About us

Audileum originated at a residency in 2016 from Sound and Music in London and CMMAS in Morelia, Mexico. It then secured research & development funding from Arts Council England in 2017 in collaboration with the Barbican's Open Lab programme. 

Creative Director, Sound supervisor: Joel Cahen

Stack developer: Can Ince

Graphics developer: Mert Toka


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